I Hate Cwazy People!

That’s why I’ll never have your brother around for dinner, he would parallel park outside my house for ten minutes, TEN MINUTES, he’s clearly insane…

About 12:30 today one of our guys at the office received a rather confusing phone call about a shipping container and where to email the appropriate documentation to. Not sure what it was about (but assuming it might be something to do with one of the boss’s side projects) he provided our support email address.

Shortly thereafter we received a shipping docket for a company we’ve never heard of. Realising that the initial phone call was a wrong number we emailed them back. The following emails illustrate the fun and games that ensued…

(All names and phone numbers have been changed to protect the innocent…)

Hi Jan,

Looks like you’re looking for Polecat Patios [website address]. It’s not us.

Kind Regards


I called them and they asked me to send all the docs to your email address.

Can you please forward all the docs to them?

Thanks & Regards


You didn’t actually call them at all, you called us (presumably you dialled the wrong number) and the person you spoke to – unsure about what the call was concerned with – provided our support email address.

We have never had any dealings with Polecat Pations and prior to Googling their business name today have never even heard of them.

I’d suggest it would be better if you determined the correct contact details and resent the email from your end, rather than them receiving their documents via a random third party company they have never even heard of.

Kind Regards


I called 555 826 533 and this is the number from the white page for POLECAT PATIOS. And the staff asked me to email all the docs for you.

If 555 826 533 is your company’s telephone number then it is the mistake from the white page.

Thanks & Regards


Our number is 555 826 833. You must have hit the 8 rather than the 5 when dialling. I was personally sitting next to the person who received your initial call and who was quite confused at the mention of a shipping container.

Kind regards

I am pretty sure the number I called is the one from the white page. Anyway I will call the below number again. Please disregard all the docs if they are not for you.


Oh yes. It’s much more likely that sunspots or something caused the Telstra exchange to connect you to the wrong number that you simply misdialed a single digit. Sheeze!

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