Glorious Return

They couldn’t keep me silent forever!

Well, I’m back.

Actually I’ve been back for over a week, but madness involving unpacking, getting back to work and getting my landline fixed (no internet for days! days!!) have prevented me from doing much online. Even the Queen’s birthday weekend was a blow-out thanks to a nasty 24 hour cold that had me coughing like a Dickensian orphan and feeling like death for most of Sunday and Monday, but I’m more or less back on deck now.

I’ve started uploading my holiday snaps onto Flickr. This is quite a daunting prospect as it turns out I took hundreds, if not thousands of the things. I haven’t even managed to get all of the first day’s up yet – let alone annotated and geotagged. It’s clearly going to be a long term project, you can check my progress here.

Other things of note. The new Vegemite product has apparently been named “iSnack 2.0”. If this is the kind of thing that’s going to happen when I leave the country I can clearly never take a vacation again. Also, although I can’t speak as to the accuracy of the last panel, this XKCD pretty much describes every day of my life 🙂

OK, that’s it. Expect more updates soon. Probably.

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