Lookitt me maw! I done got rich!

I’m big in Harare

I would like to announce to the world that thanks to some major international money trading operations, I am now a multi-millionaire, and hence from this date forwards shall only be associating with the kind of people who sit in leather armchairs at the West Australian Club, smoking cigars, sipping port, reading The Times and making strange grunting noises (such as ‘hrumph!’ and ‘pshaw!’) at the antics of the common folk.

Or rather that’s what I would be doing if said international money trading operations didn’t consist of winning an eBay auction, and the 50 million dollars I am now in possession of didn’t happen to be 50 million Zimbabwean dollars – and hence barely enough to buy half a loaf of bread.

Oh well. At least I can dream of casting all my friends aside and joining the ranks of the elite 😉

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