A Drop of Wyvern’s Blood

How to win friends and poison them with mocktails.

Quite a while ago the Dragon’s Landing (which is currently on hiatus) put the call out for beverages to serve in the bar of their (completely fictional) inn. I don’t think they had much of a response, but due to a combination of boredom and caffeine craving over my two weeks off I managed to come up with one – a cocktail (or mocktail?) that I have decided to name the “Gary Gygax Wyvern’s Blood”.

(Call it my own little tribute to the master – it’ll have to do until we can get the Tomb of Horrors built for him).

The recipe is as follows…

  • 2/5ths your favourite cola beverage
  • 2/5th dark apple juice
  • 1/5th water (without this it’s way too sweet)

(If you want to go alcoholic you could possibly replace the water with some kind of spirit – in this case it should be called Dragon’s Blood)


It’s probably only my deranged tastebuds that will ever actually like this bizarre combination, but I throw it out there in case anyone has a party coming up and needs dare/torture material.

On a similar theme Ryan alerted me to the “Skin Disease or D&D Character?” online quiz. I got 94% – I would have done better except I presumed no one would be stupid enough to name a character after an infectious plague (I was wrong :)).

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