Not Everyone is Named Steve

Wheat wheat wheat wheat!

From time to time at work we run tests on our client’s email forms to make sure that they’re working properly. This involves sending some test messages ourselves, and keeping an eye on actual messages going through the system for a short while.

Now today we were doing exactly this when someone sent a message through to a client (professional courtesy forbids me from saying who), asking a whole bunch of highly technical questions about one of their products. This is nothing unusual, but what caught my eye was the name of the person sending it. Emer.

Yes, Emer.

Now, naturally I would never be crazy enough to do do anything of the sort, but my head was filled with visions of replying to this email on the client’s behalf. The correspondance would go something like this…

To: info@[somecompany]
Subject: Xyz123 Details


I was wanting some information about the Xyz123. Is it compatible with the Astora PQ interface, and if so what version? I’ve been told there are some problems with version 4. Also are the EDO plugs gold standard or platinum, and does it come with Sable pre-installed? And does the interface meet ISO 2365? If you can let me know I’ll be very interested in making a purchase.

Thanks, Emer

Subject: Re: Xyz123 Details

Hi Emer,

Did you know you’re named after wheat?

The Team at [Some Company]

Can you imagine Emer’s face when he/she opens the reply!? Can you!?! 😀

I’ve been stupidly busy at both work and home recently, hence the lack of updates. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some time for writing and emailing soon.

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