The Snack Food Blues

Note to self – read the packet next time

So it’s Monday, and on Monday I allow myself a bag of chips (or something similar) with my lunch, so that my life isn’t an unrelenting, bleak expanse of healthy, low GI eating. I head across the road and am about to grab my usual Red Rock Deli sea-salt crisps, when I notice a new twisties flavour has been released – “tangy cheese”. As a fan of anything tangy and cheese based I figure I’ll check it out.

Cut to half an hour or so later when I’ve eaten lunch and have headed to the bathroom. On washing my hands I notice that two fingers and the thumb of my left hand are an unpleasant shade of blue-green. I try to wash it off, with limited success. On returning to the office I pull the twisties packet out of the bin, and examine it. Blazoned across the front are the words “Turns your tongue BLUE!!”.


OK, it’s my fault for not checking the packet but I’m now heading into an important meeting with a client looking like a bob-tailed lizard. I’ll be endeavouring to keep my mouth shut for as much of it as possible.

(Very busy at the moment – hopefully I’ll be back to blogging more regularly and about more interesting things soon.)

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