Endorphins and Loreleis

In which I surrender what tiny shreds of masculinity I may have left.

Well, the depression’s been hitting particularly badly this week, but I’m fighting back baby! Mostly in the form of exercise. For the last few nights I’ve been doing sit ups until my gut hurts (sad to say I hit the pain barrier at about 30, but I take a rest and then do another 30, and so on 🙂 and it’s amazing the effect that it’s having on my general mood. I don’t know if it’s endorphins, or just the distraction of aching muscles, but I’m feeling… well not better, but better, so I’m going to keep up at it. By next weekend I aim to be doing 75 sit ups a night, which is rather pathetic I know, but it’s a lot better than none at all 🙂

I was planning to get more exercise by riding my bike over to Morley yesterday, but it was rather grey day with the threat of rain, so I decided to get the bus over and walk back (which may sound counter-intuitive, but you can hold an umbrella while walking, which you can’t do on a bike :). My main purpose in heading over there was to try and find a copy of the new series Doctor Who episode Fear Her on DVD – having missed it when it was played on TV last year. I’d checked out the city on Friday night, but had no luck, so Morley was the next logical option.

Unfortunately as it turned out nowhere in Morley had it either. Oh, sure, they had every other damn episode from the new series in droves, just not the final three of season two. Possibly the DVD hasn’t been released down here yet or something. In any case, rather than return home empty handed I bought the first season of The Awful Truth which I’ve always meant to get around to watching and… *cough*thecompletefirstseasonofgilmoregirls*cough*.

All right, I admit it! The complete first season of Gilmore Girls! There, you happy now?

(I fully expected a visit last night from the Ghosts of Masculinity Past, Masculinity Present and Masculinity Yet to Come, but seem to have escaped their attention so far.)

I’ve watched the first three episodes so far (I don’t think I’ve ever seen any of the first season, hence the purchase – or at least that’s what I keep telling myself 🙂 but it’s quite entertaining to see the series finding it’s feet. For instance Kirk first appears as an ADSL installer named “Mark” and doesn’t seem particularly Kirk-like (he may not even be meant to be the same character). And it’s pretty clearly indicated the Lorelei senior (as in Lorelei’s paternal grandmother) is deceased, which makes her turning up alive and well in later episodes rather hard to explain. And the layout of Luke’s changes radically between the pilot and the rest of the series – he seems to have knocked down a wall overnight, if not actually moved to an entirely different building. But hey, you can find this kind of thing in the early episodes of almost any TV series.

I’ve decided to limit my viewing to a maximum of one episode per night, otherwise I might well end up in some kind of Stars Hollow induced psychosis. I could space my viewing out with the second series of Dead Like Me (which I’m halfway through) I suppose, but then I’d probably end up in some kind of Stars Hollow/Reaper psychosis where I think I’ve got a post-it marked T. Doose, Old Fashioned Soda Shoppe, ETD 10:52am (if you’ve never watched either show please just give up on ever trying to understanding that sentence :).

OK, going to go do some sit ups now (I’ve got to re-assert my manliness somehow :).

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