The Negligable Mercies of the Weather

I so gotta move to Tasmania

You know it’s terribly unfair. Yesterday was the Australia Day public holiday, and Monday is my day off, so I’ve got a four day weekend – but the weather is so diabolical that I can’t actually do anything except sit in front of the air cooler and try not to die. It was 41 degrees yesterday, they’re predicting 39 today, and 37 tomorrow. Monday at least will be cooler, but (such is the nature of low pressure troughs along the West Australian coast) it’ll be really humid. So the entire four days are a complete wash out.

And it’s not like I can spend the time profitably because it’s too hot to even think. I suspect I’m part discworld troll because as the temperature gets higher, my IQ gets lower. Well, OK, maybe not my IQ, but certainly my ability to concentrate. I spent most of yesterday stumbling around in a daze, reading random articles on Wikipedia. Today I’m going to give my metabolism a break and head into the State Library with a couple of good books. Tomorrow I don’t know what I’ll do. Die probably.


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