Best Laid Plans and All That

Excuses, Excuses…

I was in the middle of writing a decent entry last night when I got a phone call from Justin, who I haven’t spoken to in ages. And we’ve arranged to go comet spotting tonight, so there probably won’t be an update tonight either. Maybe Friday…

(And then emails to the people who need them, specifically Ali and Helen – I’m looking for that CD! 🙂

Oh, and continuing with idiotic YouTubery, how about evangelical ‘healer’ Benny Hinn slaying large numbers of folk in the spirit set to… well I don’t know who it is exactly but metal of some kind. Let the bodies hit the floor!. It’s worth seeing just for the sheer hilarity of the ‘AHHHH!!!!!!” bit at the begining! 😀

(Probably not the best viewing for those of an evangelical bent though, who would probably be highly offended 🙂

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