I’m not an Emo! I promise!

Hey, *I* think it sounds like Queen. OK?

Oh dear, I seem to have quite upset Helen with my opinions about My Chemical Romance’s Welcome to the Black Parade. So much so that she suggests I’m diseased 😀

Well I stand by my opinion. To Me it sounds like Queen. Even in the bit that Helen reckons sounds like Busted (whatever or whoever that may be 🙂 something in the guitar work still sounds like Queen! Or at least I think so, other people with greater knowledge of Queen’s oeuvre (ie: Helen) are of course free to completely disagree. And I at least won’t suggest that they’re ill ;P

And it’s not like I’m going to turn into a MCR fan. I did go out and buy the single the other day (Uh, let me clarify on that – I went out to buy some other stuff at a CD store and picked up the single as well, I didn’t go running down there howling out my love for Gerard Way – whose name I only know because I just looked it up on Wikipedia by the way – and beating on the doors until they let me in or anything) but of the three songs on it the only one worth listening to is Welcome – the others are awful, and that includes a live performace of Welcome. So my appreciation of the song can safely be classed as an abberation, and I’m in no danger of going Emo any time soon 🙂

(That reminds me of a comment I read the other day on the Zompist Bulletin Board about how to tell Goths from Emos. Goths mosh, Emos don’t. Apparently this is because Emos can’t bear the thought of anyone hurting them except for themselves! Ouch! 🙂

Anyway some other things that happened this week include the final episode of The Glass House on Wednesday. This was a brilliantly entertaining satirical news/chat show that the ABC axed on instructions from the Government because it was rating too highly. The Wikipedia article gives a good run down of what made the show so great and how it came to be axed, so I won’t carry on about it except to say that the axing sucks, and where I’m going to go for my weekly dose of Corinne Grant now? 🙁

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