The CPAP Blues

Continuous Negative Air Pressure

I’m doing a CPAP trial at the moment for my sleep apnea. It’s not going very well, which is why I’ve been fairly silent recently. The theory is you wear a mask while you sleep that blows pressurised air into your throat, holding it open so you can breath. That’s the theory. In my case it seems to involve wearing a mask so uncomfortable that I can’t sleep, which blows pressurised air into my throat so I can’t breath out. As a result I’m not getting much sleep, and not up to doing much except the basics (work, eating, trying to sleep etc).

I think I may have to bite the bullet and lose weight. I was working along the lines of ‘get set up with CPAP, get some decent sleep, use the extra energy to exercise’, but it looks like I’ll just have to summon up the energy to exercise without the sleep. I’ve finally got a replacement inner tube for my bike, so I can start cycling again which should help, but it’s still not a pleasant prospect *sigh*.

Current mood – Well and truly fed up.

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