Five tons of orbital flax.

So, the body formerly known as Xena is now officially Eris!

This is great news for any fan of the Illuminatis! trilogy – so much so that I actually yelped with joy when I read it on Wikipedia (thankfully I’d come in early and was the only one in the office). It’s a name almost as good as Persephone, given the amount of discord the planet (sorry! dwarf planet) has caused in the astronomical community.

And it also means they’ve been able to name the moon after Eris’s daughter Dysnomia or Lawlessness. Get it? Lawlessness? As in Lucy Lawless? Clever no? 🙂

Now all we’ve got to do is get them to reverse that stupid “Dwarf Planet” ruling and get Pluto, Charon, Ceres and Eris back onto the list where they rightfully belong. Fnord!

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