Small, Vague Observations

Exactly what it says on the box

The headline on today’s West Australian is Battling Farmers Join Road Gangs. I had momentary visions of farmers pulling on chains and leather jackets and terrorising the highways on converted tractors, Mad Max style.

According to Slashdot Yahoo! music is thinking of selling MP3s without DRM. If true this is seriously big news for me – the reason I’ve steered clear of legal music downloads to date is the ridiculous amounts of crippleware the companies attach to the files. If Yahoo! Music is going to sell plain, vanilla MP3 files then I’ll happily pay for them. That’s the upside – the downside is that the only example so far is a Jessica Simpson song (blech!)

Selecting a muzak version of Achy Breaky Heart as your ringtone should be made a crime against humanity – particularly if you intend to take your phone out in public.

While The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba is one of the most perfect pieces of music ever composed, Holst’s Thaxted is probably the best tune ever written.


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