Those Rash Madmen at the Unicode Consortium

Secrets man was not meant to know and educational television.

Oh Tensor, how you consistently crack me up!

Did I mention that the ABC has started showing Time Team on Tuesdays? The archeology may be a bit slapdash (or so Helen said once anyway, and she should know) but it’s hosted by Baldrick (um… Tony Robinson I mean, obviously), it’s really interesting (for an archeology/history nerd such as myself) and it often features a rather cute Cornish osteoarcheologist. So all in all a pretty good watch. Six o’clock, Tuesday nights on ABC for those interested.

(I assume she’s Cornish based on her accent and repeated viewings of Doc Martin. She could probably be from anywhere in the West Country.)

PS: There’s a Monkey Island in the Thames!?!

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