Well so much for that plan…

My glorious attempt at turning this blog into something worth reading fails at the first hurdle.

Hmmm, didn’t I say something about blogging on a daily basis this week?

Mind you, you can’t blame me. It’s all Ryan’s fault for coming over and distracting me by giving me birthday presents – can you imagine the nerve? 🙂 Thanks to his generosity I’m now up one Best of Live album (yey!) and one Radagst the Brown model (yey! again!). He on the other hand is up one impromptu lecture on English history – this is what happens when (while talking about V for Vendetta for instance) you make the mistake of asking me “What’s the deal with Guy Fawkes anyway?”

Wyrmworld – educating the masses one person who’d rather be watching the Simpsons at a time! 🙂


From the CBS News article Rewriting The Science

Hansen is arguably the world’s leading researcher on global warming. He’s the head of NASA’s top institute studying the climate. But this imminent scientist tells correspondent Scott Pelley that the Bush administration is restricting who he can talk to and editing what he can say. Politicians, he says, are rewriting the science….

Right, so he’s not a scientist right at the moment, but he will be really soon!!

(It’s called ‘proofreading’ people – look it up some time)

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