Oh Autumn, Oh Irony

Heat exhaustion and sleep deprivation.

It’s now officially autumn, so naturally summer has arrived with a vengence. Since Saturday daytime temperatures have hovered in the high 30’s and night-time ones in the low 20’s. As such I have had about 6 hours sleep over the last 72 hours and am having to intraveneously inject Red Bull just to remain upright.

It doesn’t help that yesterday was the Labour Day public holiday either. So rather than slaving away in a nice air conditioned office I sweated away in my apartment, unable to do any of the rather inportant things I was hoping to get done with my day off. Like cleaning for instance, or emailing Helen and Ali who I both seriously owe emails to – Helen in particular who I’ve been inadvertently ignoring all year 🙁

Hopefully though I shall soon have things back under control. The weather should break by the weekend (or at least that’s what Nerelda Jacobs on channel 10 keeps saying, and why should she lie?) and I’ve decided to stop taking Saint John’s Wort which – while it seems to have been making me feel less depressed and anxious – seems to have been doing so by making me feel all vague, spaced out and non-motivated to do anything, a conclusion I unfortunately reached just after spending $15.00 on another bottle of the stuff. I’m also going to see about taking some time off work, like every second Monday for instance. Dale may not be exactly happy about that, but I may have to put my foot down – I am really not happy with my quality of life at the moment and an extra day to take care of non-work stuff every two weeks would work wonders towards improving it. He’ll probably make some points about doing some extra hours on other days so my salary doesn’t drop – but that’s missing the point entirely. A weekday where I can do what I want to do is of far more value to me than $150. Shocking though it may seem there are some things more important than money.

Well, how about that? I intended this as a quick note about why I haven’t done numerous things I should have done and it’s turned into some kind of manifesto. Well I suppose that’s a sort of good thing, it gives me a plan. Hmmm, I’d better do some work now…

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