Stabity Stabity Australia Day Death

Australians all let us rejoice my arse.

It’s Australia Day. Australia Day is a public holiday. I’m spending said public holiday slaving away in the office because someone (whose name may or may not rhyme with “vale”) managed to enrage a customer by ignoring him for months and as a consequence said customer’s site now has to be completed by the end of the week to pacify him.

Australia Day is also the day Triple J play the Hottest 100. As I do every year I was planning to sit at home and listen to it, but obviously had to change my plan to sitting in the office and listening to it. I considered bringing in a radio but then remembered that this is the 21st century and I could use the office broadband connection to listen to the online audio stream. A good plan all round.

Only thing is, it turns out that the Triple J audio stream is having “technical difficulties” which will be “resolved soon” (by which they seem to mean “tomorrow”). So, until they get off their backsides and resolve them I’m stuck here missing the Hottest 100 – one of the yearly highlights of my sad little life.

It’s just as well I’m the only one here, because I’m in the kind of mood where I’d gladly stab someone in the throat with a ballpoint pen. Preferably someone from the ABC’s website support department, but right about now anyone will do.

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