What I did on my Weekend – By Denys, age eight and a half

Pointless detail for future biographers.

Things I got up to over the weekend…

Cleared up my unit to a point of never before witnessed organisation and cleanliness – which will last all of five minutes.

Read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Considering Harry Potter and the Never Ending Franchise (or whatever it’s called 😉 is now out I figured I’d finally better get around to reading the last one.

Went out to dinner with Andrew, Travis and Katie at That Food Company, where the servings were so large that no one actually finished, despite the fact that the food was excellent.

Completely failed to hit “record” on the video before walking out the door with Andrew, Travis and Katie – meaning that I missed the season finale of the new Doctor Who. I’m planning to raid the ABC Shop as soon as they see fit to release it on DVD.

Did some more work on my scratchbuilt scale model of a Return of the King siege tower – thus neatly fulfilling my above prophecy regarding the state of the unit by covering the loungeroom table with wood shavings and cocktail stick offcuts.

Not bad for only two days really.

On another point I seem to be developing a bit of a crush on Katie – which is annoying. Not I hasten to add because there’s anything wrong with Katie – she’s lovely – it’s just an unecessary complication that I could well do without. On top of which I strongly suspect the main reason I’m developing said crush is that there’s no one else in my life at present for me to actually have a crush on, and my hormones are getting bored. In any case I’ll manage to wrestle it down sooner or later and just get on with being friends – hopefully I won’t make too much of a fool of myself in the meantime.

(Said statement is in line with my newish policy of just plain coming out and admitting it when I find myself in such situations – because that way things will reach a conclusion one way or another a lot faster than if I just sat around worrying about it.)

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