Off to see the Doctor(s)


Tuesday July 19th 2005: 6:00pm – Attend Strata AGM at Bowls Club. Sixty-one people are needed for Quorum, sixteen turn up. AGM re-scheduled for one week hence. While idly sitting around waiting for forty-five extra people to turn up overhear mention of ‘Sylvester McCoy’ on radio, prompting memory to recall that some kind of Doctor Who bandwagon was meant to roll into town some time soon, featuring some of the surviving Doctors. Make mental note to look this up.

Wednesday July 20th 2005: 4:08pm – Look up Doctor Who bandwagon on internet. Discover it rolls into town for one show only on July 21st. Swear profusely and get depressed.

Wednesday July 20th 2005: 4:11pm – Shake off depression and decide to see if any tickets are still available. Tickets appear to still be available. Dig out credit card.

Wednesday July 20th 2005: 4:12pm – In course of ordering tickets discover bandwagon is hosted by Tim Ferguson. Swear profusely.

Wednesday July 20th 2005: 4:14pm – Discover ticket purchases require online registration with BOCS. Curse whoever set up such a stupid system and generally fume.

Wednesday July 20th 2005: 4:15pm – Cease fuming. Backtrack through BOCS site to find booking phone numbers.

Wednesday July 20th 2005: 4:18pm – Call toll free booking number. Can’t be accessed by office phone. Put this down to interference by the Illuminati.

Wednesday July 20th 2005: 4:19pm – Call normal number. Wait as phone rings and rings and rings.

Wednesday July 20th 2005: 4:20pm – Automated system kicks just as I’m about to hang up. Tells me to hold for an operator. Immediately puts me through to an operator. What kind of lunatic designed this system?

Wednesday July 20th 2005: 4:21pm – Order ticket. First and hopefully last time to spend $82.00 for something involving Tim Ferguson.

To be continued…

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