Nothing good, nothing funny, just thoughts on the worst kind of scum the human race can produce.

So much for getting a good night’s sleep.

I firmly believe that it’s only morally justifiable to kill another human being in direct defence of oneself or others – but if someone slipped me a gun and a list of the people who planted those bombs I’d find it very difficult not to put a bullet through each of their collective heads. People like that don’t deserve to share the planet with the rest of us.

You know it’s times like this it would be good to have a girlfriend. When appalling terrorist attacks and natural disasters and the like make it seem like the whole world is merrily proceeding to hell in a handbasket, it would be nice to snuggle up with someone who makes you feel that maybe it’s not all so bad after all. Oh well, a long shower is almost as good as a hug in any case, and hot water bills are covered in my strata fees.

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