Testing! Testoing! 637!

On holying water by process of boilin’ it.

Why should test data be boring? I say make it as interesting as possible! For instance (from some work I was doing today)…

Job Application Form

Personal Details

Name: Lord Mojo Mountbatten Signh Nahasapeemapetilan

Address: 123 Anathema Road, Ankh Morpork, Morporkia

Date of Birth: 31/02/1776

Tertiary Education: Doctor of Invisible Writings, University of Tackleford (1842)

Secondary Education: The Greta Garbo Home for Wayward Boys and Girls (1835-38)

Skills: All own teeth. Can crack walnuts with ’em.

Languages: English, Estuary English, West Country English, Swahili

Hobbies/Interests: Practical Thanatology, Theoretical Kite Building, Horse Whispering

Career Objective: To obtain gainful employment of such a manner as to provide fiduciary compensation sufficient to offset the herculean inconvenience of the labour required

Personal Objective: To crack brazil nuts with teeth

Employment History:

Position 1:
Dates: 01/10/1845 to 01/10/1845
Employer: The Impure Water Company
Position: Steam Engine Oiler
Duties: Oiling Steam Engines
Reason Left: Fatal Grease Fire
Position 2:
Dates: 06/10/1845 to 12/10/1845
Employer: Hanling Brothers’ Circus
Position: Tiger Trainer
Duties: Training Tigers
Reason Left: The Hanling Brothers’ Circus Disaster, 1845
Position 3:
Dates: 18/10/1845 to 23/11/1845
Employer: Brother Malachite’s Pharmacy and Drugstore
Position: Senior Tube Technician
Duties: Overseeing intermediate and junior tube technicians
Reason Left: Repetitive Strain Injury
Position 4:
Dates: 01/01/1846 to Present
Employer: Holier Than Thou Inc.
Position: Holy Water Boiler
Duties: Holying water by process of boilin’ it
Reason Left: Years of dehabilitating scald injuries


Reference 1: Lord Berners – The Grange, Hampshire
Reference 2: Brother Malachite – 123 Aubadon Street, Manchester
Reference 3: Morgan the Artificer – 2 Little Britain, London

Personal Reference 1: Monsiengnor Albert Jurech – Temple of Sigmar, Marienburg
Personal Reference 2: Great Cthulhu – Lost City of R’lyeh

Far more interesting than fields full of “Test” 🙂

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