Time for a Quick Quiz

Question 1: What do you think would be an appropriate time to play the Offspring with your stereo pumped up as loud as it will go?

  1. 12:15 on a Saturday afternoon.
  2. 12:15 on a Friday night/Saturday morning.
  3. 12:15 on a Tuesday Night/Wednesday morning.

Question 2: When one of your neighbours knocks on your door to complain about the noise, what do you think would be an appropriate reaction?

  1. Apologise and turn the music off.
  2. Apologise and turn the music down.
  3. Inform said neighbour (by yelling at the top of your lungs) that you have no respect for him because his girlfriend sold you “bush weed” and said it was hydro, threaten to beat him up, then change CDs to Marilyn Manson just to make a point.

If you answered 3 for both questions you may well be the guy living opposite my bedroom window!

It’s times like this I really wish I had an electromagnetic pulse cannon.

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