I wish I lived in a TARDIS

Moving sucks.

I started moving on Friday afternoon, it’s now Monday morning and I’m still going. Obviously I own way too much stuff -it took most of Saturday to get my books over alone. But while the end is not yet in sight, the point from where the end will be in sight is within sight. If I haven’t gone blind from prolonged heavy lifting in the meantime.

Ummmm, don’t know that there’s a lot else to say. Well not in my life anyway. There’s been a bit going on in the world. Like the Kyoto Protocol. Finally it’s come into effect. Of course the world’s largest polluter (the USA) and the world’s largest per-capital polluter (yes, that’s us, the Australians) won’t have anything to do with it. Hopefully carbon trading will turn out to be such a major economic force that the Government will see sense. Hopefully.

Talking politics there’s been a major diplomatic row with New Zealand. Helen Clarke (the NZ Prime Minister) has had the temerity to declare that she’s never heard of John Farnham! It’s unbelievable! The leader of a foreign nation has never heard of an outdated and mediocre Australian musician who’s never had any kind of musical career or success outside of Australia?!? It’s an outrage!! We should invade immediately!! Or at least that’s the attitude some segments of the media have been taking, I’m sorely tempted to suggest they all get a life.

Hmmm, JJJ is playing a song at the moment (the name and artist escape me) whose chorus features the line Are you hoping for a miracle?. The thing is though that is sounds like Are you happy for a moo-cow? which frankly is a much better lyric. There should be more songs that pose nonsensical questions about moo cows if you ask me.

Oh yeah, Tang. On impulse I bought some Tang the other day as a backup for when I run out of orange juice, and on Friday I actually ran out of said orange juice and mixed some up. What can I say except wow! It’s really good! It tastes like real, fresh orange juice, but without that bitter quality that I can’t stand. I can see why Homer was harrasing President Clinton for some, I’d be doing the same. It’s going down as a permanent item on the shopping list from now on.

OK, I’m going off to shift heavy furniture. sigh.

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