A new year, a new yawn

This is just a quick update to explain that I am actually still alive. It’s just that the process of buying a flat (I mentioned I have to find somewhere new to live a while ago didn’t I?) is really taking it out of me. I’m spending most of my time dealing with real estate agents and banks and stuff, and the rest curled up in the corner with a blanket over my head hyperventilating. Well OK, it’s not quite that bad, but it’s still really stressing me out, and things like weblog entries (and emailing people I’m ashamed to say) have been falling through the cracks 🙁

But I’ve found a place now and convinced the owner to sell it to me for $103,000, which is pretty good for a two bedroom apartment. I’ll probably be moving towards the end of the month – great, more stress to look forwards to.

In the meantime what else has been up? Well the tsunamis of course. I’m not going to say anything about those because it’s all just too horrible to think about. Well I won’t say anything about those except that after having their friends, family, houses and entire towns washed away the last thing the survivors need is bloody Ray Martin sticking a microphone in their faces. Channel 9 seem to be treating the entire disaster as a ratings bonanza, they’re continually crowing about all their journalists in the disaster zones and putting on specials like ‘Tsunami – One Week Later’. Bastards.

Um, let’s see, Christmas was good, even if I only got one thing off my list ;-). I’ve been working on a major update of the Zurvár section of my website – I sent a preview version to Helen but haven’t heard anything, so it’s probably way over the top :D. Carnivàle is every bit as good as I thought it would be when I first saw the posters for it in the London Underground, although the ABC is playing two episodes at a time strung together, which makes the narrative seem a bit disjointed at times. Joan of Arcadia seems harmless enough in a slightly sacharine way. I wouldn’t rush home to see it, but if there’s nothing else on (and at the moment there isn’t) it’s resonable enough for an hour. The viewing experience can be greatly enhanced by mentally replacing Joan’s dad with Fat Tony*You know, from The Simpsons? If that seems like a strange thing to suggest I should point out that the actor who plays Joan’s dad is the guy who voices Fat Tony, all clear now?. And they’ve finally put Gilmore Girls back on which (embarrasing as it is) is making my life a lot more bearable. Hmmm, maybe I should forget that $103,000 apartment and move to Stars Hollow instead 😉

So, we’ll see what happens next then hey?

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