Leaving on a jet Plane

Man the last week has been busy. I finished work on Friday, and have spent almost all the time since (apart from a few snatched hours playing Civ III) either preparing for the trip, or moving all the furniture out of the loungeroom so Rebecca and Dom can lay new flooring while I’m away. This latter task was not easy given that…

a) The loungeroom is rather big
b) I own a whole load o’ crap

My bedroom is now a furniture packed cave with just enough space to crawl through and reach the bed. The second bedroom is worse.

Anyway before I depart (my plane leaves for the UK tomorrow, I’m leeeeeaving on a jet plane, don’t knoooowwww Stop it!!!) there are a few things that need mentioning.

One: Congratulations Rebecca and Dom! I won’t say what about – I presume they’re telling people but I’d want to be sure first 🙂

Two: Beowulf is great. I could carry on and on about it but very few people seem to have as great an interest in the Anglo-Saxon language as I do, so I’ll spare you all *grin*. However I would like to highlight one particular passage (talking about the dragon) that I found quite amusing…

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