So much controversy, so little time! (Well, effort really, but it adds up to the same thing.)

So, Robert Mugabe has pulled Zimbabwe out of the Commonwealth. I’m tempted to say good riddance to bad rubbish, except for the fact that the place is in such an unholy mess and maybe the Commonwealth could have done something about it. Mind you they hadn’t managed to yet.

Mark Latham is the new leader of the Labour party. Well that’s a shock, I expected Beazley to get back in. I don’t know if giving the reins to Latham is a good idea or not. This the guy after all who got a bit peeved with a taxi driver a few years ago and broke his arm. But then maybe that’s what we need in a Prime Minister 🙂

Seriously though, I was thinking he might be a much needed breath of fresh air, until I saw him interviewed on The 7:30 Report last week. He’d just been to see the American ambassador to apologise for some *ahem* unfortunate things he’d said during the war in Iraq, then held a press conference in the Labour caucus room – complete with American flag. His defence of this inclusion was some spiel about John Curtin’s founding of the Australian-American alliance during WWII, with repeated mention of Curtin’s portrait hanging on the wall nearby. It was frankly the least-convincing attempt at an explanation I’ve ever seen, particularly after he repeated it about five times.

But then on the other hand he’s pledged that if elected he’ll reverse the Government’s higher education reforms, apologise to the Stolen Generations and do a whole bunch of other cool stuff too (it’s naive to assume he’s actually do even half of this if he got in, but at least he says he will, which is refreshing). So, maybe things are looking up for once in Federal politics. Or at least different, which is something.

And while we’re on Federal politics, what is up with the Democrats? Are they trying to self-destruct? Because they’re doing a great job of it. Their leader (who’s name momentarily escapes me) in a surprising show of trans-party amicability went to a Liberal Christmas party last week – and stole five bottles of wine (allegedly). Then, when asked about said bottles of wine while in Parliament he (allegedly) threatened the (female) senator asking him about it and injured her arm. We can perhaps forgive him slightly for this – after all he wasn’t in full control of his faculties at the time, being drunk (allegedly). Way to go Democrats!

Right, I think that’s most of the controversy dealt with for now, so onto completely irrelevant stuff 🙂

This evening (inspired by the Thanksgiving episode of Friends that was on a few months ago) I decided to see how many American states I could name off the top of my head. I got 47, which considering I’m not an American is pretty good (for the record I missed – OK, I’ll hide these against the background so as not to give anyone trying it for themselves any hints – Iowa, Minnesota and Missouri). I suppose I’d better try the American state capitals next, I somehow doubt I’ll do anywhere near as well *g*.

Oh, and I successfully walked home today as planned. Physical fitness, riches and the adoring love of women here I come! Or at least the first one ;-D

OK, I’m going to shut up now. Probably just as well 🙂

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