It’s not the THIRD SEQUEL!!!

OK, I had a busy, tiring week so I’m in no mood to make a proper entry, but I just have to complain about that add for Scary Movie 3 that’s running at the moment.

It’s the usual mismash of tiny little clips suggesting the film is absolutely hilarious (which it almost certainly isn’t) with an extremely happy voice over man at the end telling us all to go and see it because it’s great. What’s so bleeding annoying is that as part of this tired spiel he says something along the lines of…

…come and celebrate this third sequel…

EXCUSE ME? Third sequel? Call me pedantic but wouldn’t Scary Movie 3 be the second sequel by definition?

It amazes me that such an obvious error should slip past all the people who must have looked over the script for the add. Or is everyone in advertising these days only semi-literate? (actually that wouldn’t surprise me at all).

*sigh* I’ll write more tomorrow. Probably 🙂

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