Hooray and up She Rises!

“Sea Shanty’s”. I bought some “Sea Shanty’s” the other day. I really wish I hadn’t.

“Sea Shanty’s” are small crumbed seafood things that I used to love as a kid. I haven’t had them in years and earlier this week happened to spot them down at the local supermarket. So, overthrown by a wave of nostalgia I decided to buy them, and cooked some up with dinner. Then, mouth watering with anticipation, I tucked in.

Now, I don’t know if they’ve changed the recipe, or if I was just an idiot as a child, but they’re horrible! I mean so bad they’re virtually inedible! They taste like the sweepings off the floor of a fish cannery mixed with geletin and creamed corn! I felt nauseous with the first bite! Urrrggghhh!!!!

Needless to say I didn’t eat any more of the horrid things, and binned them and their frozen brethren as soon as possible.

So, the lesson for today? Don’t purchase any fish based products with glaring grammatical errors in their name 🙂

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