It’s Entry Number 100!! Like… wow.

Someone stole the roof off the railway station!

It's Gone!

It was there this morning, and now it’s gone. Typical of the powers that be to remove it in the middle of a heatwave. It’s not like anyone actually needs shade at the moment or anything. Hrumph!

I watched the first episode of Skithouse (Channel 10’s new sketch comedy show) last night. Not bad all up (the fact that it features Corinne Grant, on who I have to admit a bit of an ongoing crush no doubt helps :). But there was one skit in particular that almost had me in hysterics. This probably says much more about my state of mind at the time than about the sketch, but I’m going to talk about it anyway. So there 🙂

Two plain clothes cops are looking through a one way mirror at a suspect in an interrogation room. “He’s not cracking” comments one. “Yeah” says the other “I think it might be time for a little ‘good cop/bad cop'”. “You sure?” asks the other “Yeah”.

Cut to the interregation room. The door bursts open and in leaps the first cop. He’s dressed all in black, has a sweeping black cape, little devil horns on his head and a big twirly ‘bad-guy’ moustache. “MWAHAHAHA!!!” he cackles “You’re in my POWER now!!! NOOOOObody can save YOU!!! MWAHHAHAHA!!!!”. He sweeps his cape around dramtically and desmonstrates a number of over the top villanous poses and facial expressions.

“PLEEEEAAAASEEE don’t hurt him!!!” wails the second cop, staggering in through the door and collasping against the wall, one hand held to his throat and the other extended pleadingly. He’s dressed all in white, and has a halo of silver tinsel held over his head on a piece of coathanger wire. “PLEEEEEASEEE!!!” he wails even louder. The bad cop laughs mockingly at him and continues sweeping his cape menacingly, glaring at the suspect and waggling his eyebrows.

The good cop turns away in horror and staggers across the room as if his heart is breaking. He collapses onto the suspect, who is by now looking extremely startled. “PLEAAASEEEEE don’t hurt him!!” he howls, clasping the crim to his chest with one hand, and stroking his hair with the other. “HE’S JUST A LITTLE BOYYY!!!!!!!

OK. Maybe you had to see it 🙂

PS: Wow! This is Wyrmlog entry 100! Too bad I didn’t find something more edifying to write about hey?

PPS: Here, check this out. And this. That should raise the tone a bit 🙂

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