Ahead of the Curve

Am I way ahead of the curve or what? No sooner do I say that Clark should forget Lana and go after Chloe instead* when on comes an episode about that exactly. Tuesday next week. Kickass.

On the other hand next Tuesday is also the season finale of CSI, in which (according to the ‘next week’ bit at the end of the episode) two characters die. I wouldn’t mind so much except they were showing footage of Jorja Fox’s character, Sarah*, while gloatingly announcing this. This is worrying. No more Miranda in Mysterious Ways, possibly no more Sarah in CSI, the number of brunette science chicks on free-to-air TV is getting disturbingly low. I don’t know what I’m gonna do*.

Anyway in keeping with my new found ability to stay way ahead of said curve, I decided the time was ripe for a haircut*. Since I’m fundamentally rather cheap I decided that I wouldn’t fork over good money to get this done by someone else, and that it was something I could handle on my own. I was correct, in so much that my hair is now a fair bit shorter that it was when I began.

As for actually looking good, well that’s a whole other story. It sort of looks like Daniel Jackson’s in Into the Fire*, but a bit more spikey and ragged. And that’s from the front. I only have one mirror (the one on the wall in the bathroom) so had to do the back by touch. It probably looks like a moulting parrot. But what do I care? It’s only hair. If anyone asks I’ll just tell them I’m way ahead of the curve, and in six months Matt Damon’ll be wearing the same look*.

To change the subject completely, there’s a small obese chiahuahua who trots out of the units next to the railway station to watch me walk past most afternoons. For no apparent reason* I have decided to name him Stig. I’ve been trying to get a photo of Stig to stick up here (because let’s face it, an obese chiahuahua named Stig is pretty funny), but ever since I decided to do so, he’s been refusing to show his face. I suspect that he might be far smarter than I estimated, and figured out that I plan to expose him to online ridicule. Nonetheless the great Stig hunt continues.

Pictures of Stig! Coming soon! 🙂

* I’m talking Smallville, just in case anyone was wondering.

* And that guy. The white one who isn’t Grissom. Yeah, him.

* Well, yes OK, get a life and/or an actual girlfriend, but that’s way too much trouble.

* The fact that it’s going to be 37 degrees tomorrow might also have had something to do with it.

* Obligatory Stargate reference.

* Oh yeah, he’ll be wearing baggy jeans and black t-shirts as well I’m sure.

* Apart from that it amuses me.

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