W3C P3P IBM and other Acronyms

My brain is shot, totally and utterly shot. I’ve spent the last two work days* wrestling with the unreasoning beast that is the W3C Platform for Privacy Preferences Project (P3P), and the horrifying Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 implementation of the same. Throw in the mindlessly brutal IBM beta release privacy statement generator and it’s a wonder I can stand upright, let alone type. Man it’s tough surfing the bleeding edge*.

On the plus side though, we now have functioning privacy statements, and (when Michael over in technical gets around to editing the HTTP headers in header_mod on the Apache server*) we’ll have compact privacy statements on our cookies, and no longer look like evil spammers when we ask people to lower their security settings.

Talking of evil spammers though, I’ve received another one of those emails promising love and happiness and delivering only disapointment and more spam*. This one is from “crushlink.com”, and informed me that not only does a mysterious “someone” have a crush on me, but that they apparently still have a crush on me. Stretching credulity even further it then gives me “a clue” – that the person involved is “between 15 and 19 years old”.

I only know one person “between 15 and 19 years old”, and as a) she’s smart and b)things are apparently going quite well with the cute guy from the video store *g*, I was highly suspicious. So I did some poking around online, and found, yup, it’s a scam. A scam set up by a certain Johann Schleier-Smith* to harvest email addresses and sell them on to Evil Spammers Inc. So people, spread the word about crushlink.com! Or launch a denial of service attack. Either way.

Nothing much else is going on. Spent an enjoyable afternoon sheltering from the 33 degree heat* in a cafe in Mt Lawley with Rebecca and Dom on Saturday, but apart from that, nothing. Ho hum. I probably need to get out more 🙂


Woo-hoo! Just checked the machine (I hardly ever get any calls, so I don’t check it on walking in as a matter of habit) and my Shivaree CD is here. Yey!

That’s all.

* OK, there was a weekend in between, but my brain is still shot.

* Yes, I know P3P hasn’t been bleeding edge for at least a year, but c’mon, allow me an enjoyable mixed metaphor for once.

* Yes! It’s techno-geek buzz-word bingo!

* If one was foolish enough to fall for it, which I’m not 🙂

* Allegedly allegedly allegedly allegedly allegedly (say it enough times and it acts as a charm to ward off lawyers) allegedly allegedly allegedly.

* Heat, not Masons. A cafe won’t keep them away.

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