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OK, this is just plain evil. I fail to see how selecting a bunch of colours can result in such a detailed and accurate psychological analysis. It’s obviously just a front for some kind of black-ops mind reading device, no doubt borrowed or stolen from the Illuminati. Stephanie may be prepared to put her results on her blog, but there is no way I’m posting mine. No need for the world at large to know just how messed up I am 🙂

Ah yes, well what have I been up to? I saw both Spiderman and the Italy vs Croatia World Cup game on Saturday. This was because I was seeing Spiderman with Ryan and Fabian, and nothing interrupts Fabian’s World Cup. Now, I don’t know enough about the rules of soccer to say whether the first Italian goal disallowed by the referee was an actual goal or not, but the second disallowal (is that even a word?) was absolutely disgusting. That was a goal damnit! The player kicked the ball, it rolled into the net. That’s a goal!

(On the other hand though, it was amusing to hear the commentator say things like “Kovac has the ball. Kovac kicks to Kovac” because it made it sound like the entire Croatian team was made up of Luca from ER)

Anyway, yes, Spiderman. Pretty good, even if they gave Peter Parker the ability to shoot web from his wrists naturally, rather than have him invent those…. um…. web.. shooting.. wrist.. things. Anyway when I heard about that, I was annoyed, but it worked in the context of the film, so I don’t mind. The most interesting thing about the film was the way it’s been influenced by the events of September 11. There’s a montage of spinning newspapers (OK, maybe not spinning) and “vox pops” about a third of the way through, talking about this new “Spiderman” poking his head up around town, and much to my surprise one of them featured a couple of construction workers at Ground Zero. Also the final sequence of the film, which features Spidey on top of the Empire State Building against a giant US flag. But for my money the most interesting scene is when the Green Goblin is fighting Spidey around a bridge. He’s hovering on his glider, laughing evily at Spiderman’s predicament, when suddenly he comes under a barrage of bottles, bricks and other assorted debris. He spins around to find the entire bridge lined with ordinary New Yorkers yelling at him and hurling stuff. “This is New York!” yells one of them “You mess with one of us you mess with all of us!”. Which was a nice touch I thought.

Finally I’d just like to publically state that Kiss Kiss by Holly Valence is possibly the worst “song” I’ve ever heard. It’s like inferior Shakira (and that’s saying something) on speed. Everyone, please stop buying it, and maybe we can kill off her music career before she releases anything else.

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