The Dreaded 14th

So here we are. The dreaded 14th. St-Valentines-Day-Massacre Day. The most romantic day of the year. Excuse me while I try to give a damn.

So how did I spend this blessed date? I went to work, came home, translated the Beachboys’ “Fun Fun Fun” into Surfarian (or tried to), then wrote this. Woo-hoo.

It’s been one of those days. The kind where you spend the better part of an hour trawling through hundreds of lines of code only to discover you’ve done something insanely obvious, like trying to assign a floating point decimal into a character array. The kind of day where clients ring you up with what seem to be a simple problem so you promise to have it fixed in ten minutes, then it turns out to be interminably complicated and you have to put up with disgruntled calls from said client for the rest of the afternoon. Only making matters worse is the fact that Dale is off whooping it up on Rottnest, Bevan is having a week off due to a personal bereavement and Naveen headed off around lunchtime to farewell some relatives going back to KL (all justifiable reasons not to be around, but still) leaving completely unqualified me alone to run the office (Want me to debug some code – No problem. Want me to talk to clients on the phone – What you say?).

I can’t prove that all this is down to the nefarious actions of the Archfiend Cupid, but I have my suspicions. It sounds like his work. Depech Mode may think God has a sick sense of humour, but I’d assign that particular attribute to the little bastard with the bow and arrow. We’ve never got on particularly well, and on this day in particular he always seems to put aside a little time from all the flying around and shooting at people to make things just that little less bearable for me. Call me paranoid, but I just don’t trust the little so-and-so. To quote Chris Stevens, he’s “too much of a kidder“.

Don’t worry about me. I’m just bitter. I’m sure I’ll feel better tomorrow 🙂

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