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Well, The Fellowship of the Ring comes out soon, so I figured I might as well launch a little project I’ve been working on for about six months. It’s not actually finished, and there’s a good chance it never will be, but eh.

It’s an interactive map of Middle Earth. Oh yey. I started it to get a bit of hands on experience with DHTML and as a response to the pathetic one on the official movie site which doesn’t seem to actually work, and lists “Wizards” as a race. Pretty damn small race, I mean there are only five of them, and only three involved in the actual plot, the other two unnamed ones headed out east soon after their arrival at the Grey Havens in about T.A. 1000…

Yes, I’m an obsessive Tolkien Fan. Deal with it.

Anyhoo, use the checkboxes to turn map features on and off, and then click on said map features for information about them. I’ve tested it in Netscape 4.7 and 6.2, and Explorer 5.5 and it all seems to work. No guarantee it’ll work for you though (these people with their weirdass browser set ups I don’t know…)

Most of the actual map work is done, apart from clickable links on the “Reunited Kingdom” layer, but a lot of the information pages are still non-existant. So if you click on something and get a blank pop-up window, don’t panic. It just means I’m a lazy bastard.

As if we didn’t already know that.


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