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Weights and Measures

by Purple Wyrm on August 20, 2017

Measuring the distances between Worlds in Probability has always been problematic. As beings limited to perceiving reality in only four dimensions, direct measurement of the fifth is simply not possible. Instead proxy methods have to be deployed, the most common (…)

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Notes on Physics

by Purple Wyrm on May 4, 2014

The Probability Maxim: All possibilities are played out somewhere in Probability. The Probability Paradox: Probability travel links universes into continua that invalidate the Probability Maxim. First noted by the Wyrm philosopher Ryzan in 720 BC. Artonic Quantum Theory: Artonic energy (…)

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The dâ vamikèd

by Purple Wyrm on April 11, 2014

The Zurvár people have a large store of legends and myths, many of which are specific to particular Houses. One story shared between almost all Houses however is the dâ vamikèd, or “Tale of Creation”, which seeks to explain the (…)

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Info Dump!

by Purple Wyrm on March 24, 2014

This post is a big dump of info concerning Zurvár Arèáná and the Zurvár people. Feel free to read it, but it’s in pretty raw form. I shall gradually clean it up… ——————————— The Zurvár prefer to live on tropical (…)

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The Pèá Vágás

by Purple Wyrm on September 15, 2013

(People have been bugging me to post something to remove our new Prime Minister’s visage from the homepage. Well – to quote TISM – bash this up ya ginga!) As is common among many human-variant species of local probability, the (…)

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Keldáq and Keldáqimon

by Purple Wyrm on December 31, 2012

An significant aspect of Zurvár music is a form of harmony singing called keldáq (‘balance singing’). Keldáq has existed among the Zurvár for as long as their histories record and in addition to being a form of entertainment has a (…)

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Mostly Just for My Own Benefit

by Purple Wyrm on October 22, 2012

The Zurvár second (ZS) is 1.10592 seconds long. The Zurvár minute (ZM) is 125 ZS long, for a total of  138.24 seconds or 2.304 minutes long. The Zurvár hour (ZH) is 25 ZM or 3125 ZS long, for a total (…)

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