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Meanwhile on Vogsphere

by Purple Wyrm on May 12, 2019

Ah! Rugose, flaccid nose-hole of the ruffled temple zone, Your googly funnel-bunny gnaws a constipating bone, The flow of curdled fennel burbles freely ‘twixt my toes, Like humming lemon lemmings plinking furgled fertile rows, Give over to me all your (…)

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Bad Contamination

by Purple Wyrm on February 15, 2017

The Worst of Perth has recently alerted me to the fact that Bayswater Councillor Sally Palmer has of late been peddling some truly atrocious poetry on the subject of a concrete plant being constructed on Collier road. I know nothing (…)

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Meanwhile in another universe…

by Purple Wyrm on January 22, 2015

“Upon this very stone which you see here, knobbly and unadorned, the letters that The West reported may still be read, if one has the strength of will to approach the Coventry Markets. That I have done, and this I (…)

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by Purple Wyrm on July 10, 2013

There once were some Cultural Attaches, Who suffered most terrible heartaches, When the wind rushing through, Caused them to cough, And detached – one by one – their mustaches,

On Poetry

by Purple Wyrm on March 16, 2012

If limericks are what you pencil A sense of scansion is essential I have to confess I cheat on the stress But my meter at least is prudential

Except for Swans

by Purple Wyrm on February 14, 2012

Once again I really must apologise for yesterday’s post. It’s just that bad poetry really gets to me. Particularly bad poetry inflicted on the public by the privileged. It’s my problem, I’ll deal with it. I was thinking maybe I’ll (…)

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Oh Holy….

by Purple Wyrm on February 13, 2012

There’s a new market opened up in Morley, in the old Coventry’s building. Outside the new market in the old Coventry’s building is a giant lump of iron ore. On the giant lump of iron ore outside the new market (…)

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