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Vague Alternative History Ideas

by Purple Wyrm on February 18, 2019

Some vague ideas towards an alternate universe history (and map) of Australia… 1788: The First Fleet arrives at Botany Bay, establishing the the settlement of Port Botany and the Colony of New South Wales. 1825: The Colony of Van Diemen’s (…)

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Carthego Delenda Est

by Purple Wyrm on April 1, 2017

I am happy to report that after spending every evening this week wrestling with Audacity I have finally beaten the two separate recording sessions Rebecca and I did months ago into something I’m not embarrassed (not too embarrassed anyway) to (…)

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On Spiegeltents

by Purple Wyrm on February 16, 2013

People will tell you that ‘spiegel’ is Dutch for ‘mirror’, and a spiegeltent is hence called because of the mirrors used to decorate it. This is untrue. A spiegel is a cross between a spaniel and a beagle. The breed (…)

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The Memory Palace

by Purple Wyrm on February 3, 2013

By way of apology for yesterday’s Fadades Freakout, please let me point one and all to the Memory Palace podcast. Short little snippets of history that vary between evocative, educational, melancholy and amusing, while never failing to be fascinating. Just (…)

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The History of the Ambar Dynasty

by Purple Wyrm on June 8, 2012

1400 – Establishment of the Royal House of Hutz-Ambar by King Eddercrumb the 1st – an indigent Pure Finder blessed with Royal Blood by a magical wizard. 1412 – King Eddercrumb constructs the Castle of Rinds 1414 – The Castle (…)

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Urban Folklore

by Purple Wyrm on March 13, 2012

Here be dragons

1045 and All That

by Purple Wyrm on January 27, 2011

The other history of England

Folklore in Action!

by Purple Wyrm on May 3, 2008

An example of how history becomes story becomes myth.

Lies! All Lies!

by Purple Wyrm on May 26, 2007

Barnes Wallis vs The Clash