This Complex Modern World

by Purple Wyrm on October 31, 2014

According to my email inbox this morning…

* My Home Rate may be lowered to 2.76%
* My Trans Union Equifax score may have been updated (my trans-union-what now?)
* I have limited time to enroll in Medicare
* I have been chosen to participate in the Pepsi vs Coke Challenge
* My Auto Rate has been lowered (whatever that is)
* My Printable Dog Coupons are ready (coupons to print out a dog? I’m in!)
* Dish beats Cable (apparently)
* Mercy Clinton wants to be my friend (she’s quite the looker!)
* Fourteen separate sexual predators have moved within 1.2 miles of my house (are they setting up some kind of club?)

What a complex world we inhabit!

Things EVERYONE Should Know the Difference Between

by Purple Wyrm on October 29, 2014

Airships and Blimps

Sea Lions and Seals

Galaxies and Universes

Hovercraft and Ground Effect Vehicles

SciFiGamers, My Part in Their Downfall

by Purple Wyrm on October 26, 2014

You know, it’s great when you see your kids grow up and achieve something in the outside world.

About a year ago someone decided that the way to get ahead in life would be to set up a Tumblr blog that harvested images and posts from the Warhammer Subreddit and presented them as their own with no credit or attribution. This was eventually noticed by the admins, and said blog was deluged with DMCA takedown requests until Tumblr had no choice but to shut it down with extreme prejudice. Hooray!

Before this happened however, I made a suggestion in the thread discussing the issue, that we should all add “SciFiGamers Sucks Ass” to our posts, in the hope that the bot behind the theft would slavishly copy such comments across. A few people attempted this, posting messages much more explicit, but the blog was shut down shortly afterwards and nothing much came of it.

A few months later the same blog popped up again under a slightly different URL. I made my suggestion again, this time providing “SCIFIGAMERS GARGLES DONKEY KNOB” as a sample message. The idea took off like wildfire and before very long the thread and the parasite blog were decorated with messages such as “Here are my Imperial Knights. By the way, SciFiGamers ingests it’s own feces!”. Once again the blog was taken down shortly afterwards. Victory!

Earlier today it was discovered that another site was parasiting off the Subreddit. The Mods made my humble idea official policy, and before long the infringing site was bulging at the seams with absolutely awful – and often hilarious – messages condoning all manner of perversions and extreme political views. Before long the actual owner of the site showed up in the Subreddit and apologised, having taken down all of the pirated content. However it was then discovered that the original offenders were at it again, so the bile cannon was redirected their way. As I type this, SciFiGamers are overwhelmed with crude and offensive messages, and the campaign has made it to the front page of Reddit.

I’m so proud! ;D

The Seven Wonders of the Second World War

by Purple Wyrm on October 24, 2014

1: The HMS Habakkuk (UK/Canada)
2: His Majesty’s Artillery Barrages, Brixton and Leyton (UK)
3: The USS George Washington and USS Theodore Roosevelt Invasion Carriers (USA)
4: The Mukhoboyka Sonic Anti-Aircraft Array (USSR)
5: The Landkreuzer P. 1400 Ratte II Super Tank (Germany)
6: The Silberadler Intercontinental Bomber (Germany)
7: The Mount Takao Grand Imperial Bunker Complex (Japan)

Neither of us look like Jesse Eisenberg

by Purple Wyrm on October 22, 2014

There’s a guy who’s started working in the office downstairs who looks like a younger, redheaded version of me.

Here’s hoping I won’t need to handcuff him to a bed and throw myself off a building.


by Purple Wyrm on October 13, 2014

Got a lot of stuff going on at work at the moment which is sending my anxiety levels higher than Ozzy Osbourne at the Alamo, thus not a lot has been happening here at the Wyrmlog as I’m generally finding myself with only enough energy to play Minecraft, listlessly surf the web, troll people on Reddit and sleep.

But I thought I’d pop up briefly to say how much I enjoyed Mummy on the Orient Express. I honestly think it’s the best episode since Capaldi took over. I’ve been a bit uncertain of him as the Doctor – I like him, and he’s certainly been trying hard but it wasn’t until The Caretaker that I felt that he started to fit into the character – a delay that I’m pretty sure is down to a combination of scripts and direction more than any intrinsic unsuitability for the role. But last night he was every bit the Doctor, and the story was a cracker as well.

Also, well, it shames me slightly to admit this – the modern sensitive man that I so obviously am – but that dress! I’ve never found Jenna Coleman any more or less attractive than any other pretty young woman, but that flapper outfit – wowee I believe is the word.

OK, that’s more enough of that I think we can all agree.


by Purple Wyrm on October 1, 2014

And Bertie Blackman hits it out of the park once again with War of One

Is there anything she can’t do?

That sure told me!

by Purple Wyrm on September 30, 2014

So the other day I happened to check out the trailer for the US reality show Utopia, in which a carefully selected group of academics, scientists and engineers is put into a isolated compound for a year to construct a new society. Oh, sorry, I got that wrong,  a carefully selected bunch of fanatics, weirdos and freaks are put into a compound for a year so we can cheer at them fighting each other. Good wholesome entertainment!

Anyway, I was watching the trailer and they cut to the narrator who was a natty looking chap in a waistcoat, hat, thick rimmed glasses and moustache. “Who’s he think he is?” I laughed to myself “Dan Piraro?“.

A subtitle came up on the screen – Dan Piraro.

Well, that sure told me!


by Purple Wyrm on September 29, 2014

What. The. Actual. Heck!?

Eater of Pumpkins

by Purple Wyrm on September 27, 2014

So I was all ready to write up a humorous screed this morning about how Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater is clearly a story about a man who murders his wife and that we shouldn’t be reading such things to children, when I discovered that it actually is.

Older variations of the rhyme feature men who shove their unwanted wives up chimneys, or let mice eat them to death. Shoving her into a pumpkin is almost tame by comparison.

Honestly, with all this scholarship it’s getting so you can’t make a simple joke about folklore anymore!