OK then…

by Purple Wyrm on December 3, 2014

From an email that was sent to one of our clients (emphasis mine)…

I tried to unsubscribe and the message came back that I wasn’t in the database. This might be because I have never subscribed in the first place and I want to know where you got my email address from.

I expect not to hear from you again.

Make up your mind! :)


by Purple Wyrm on December 1, 2014

So, over the weekend I had very slow, very erratic internet for about half an hour each morning before it dropped out for the rest of the day. I also couldn’t go out anywhere and do anything interesting because the Telstra man might turn up and need access to the flat. So I was isolated, trapped and miserable – a condition only slightly alleviated by re-reading the entire run of Scary-Go-Round in book form and crushing the Ottoman Empire in Civ 5 (try to convert my cities to your heathen religion will you?!)

Tonight I’m doing a sleep study as part of my long term plan to get on CPAP, get some decent sleep, have the energy to join the gym behind my complex, lose weight, get healthy, get confident, become suave and sophisticated and marry Florence Welch. This is a good thing, but it means that I can’t have any caffeine today, so not only am I suffering from net withdrawal but my head feels like it’s imploding.

In any case, here is possibly the most perfect video ever put up on YouTube – Dehydrated Spinning Blue Peter Cat.

An amazing fusion of vision and music that is at once hypnotic, strange, disturbing, jolly and fundamentally pointless. Go Internet!

It Begins

by Purple Wyrm on November 28, 2014

My landline is being very erratic. Telstra are going to come look at it, then decide whether they’re going to charge me for coming to look at it. Don’t know how often I’ll be able to hop online over the weekend, but it seems to be holding for now.

In any case, we’ve started on the road to H.O.L with the proposed foundation of Church and Munch.

Golden arches: Businessman wants to build McDonald’s in a church

A FAST-FOOD lovin’ entrepreneur has come up with a unique idea to entice people back into the Church.

Build a McDonald’s in it.

Paul Di Lucca’s McMass Project aims to get the congregation back by turning communion into a Happy Meal.

I believe there was a ‘rave church’ in London in the 90’s that offered communion in the form of consecrated Big Macs, but this really cuts out the middle man. Break out your Sponks!

I Invented a Word!

by Purple Wyrm on November 24, 2014


a (without) + meso (middle) + nym (name)

A person with no middle name.

Use it responsibly folks!

How to Boost Your Flickr Stats

by Purple Wyrm on November 24, 2014

Put the word “Cock” into the description.

In the last two days my recently posted photo of Green & Co has had over 40 views from people searching for “cock”, “penis or cock”, “cocks”, “penis or cock or xxx” and other variations.

Seriously, if you’ve selected Flickr for your pornography needs you need to have a good, long look at your life choices.

Oh the Humanity!

by Purple Wyrm on November 20, 2014

This article is just too funny! I mean a Murdoch Journalist couldn’t possibly have a reason to criticise Netflix, could they?

FOR the past 12 months, Aussies have been begging for US TV and movie streaming service Netflix to launch in Australia. The company finally announced yesterday that it will be in March, but prepare to be disappointed.

Netflix in Australia will have a lacklustre library of titles, as shown by the fact that yesterday’s launch titles were mediocre at best and did not include any of the big exclusives that have garnered Netflix popularity, including House of Cards and Orange is the New Black.

Harry Tucker – loyal Newscorp employee – we salute you!

Not Rude

by Purple Wyrm on November 20, 2014

Once again the blog has stopped sending me emails when people comment, so please don’t mistake my lack of response for rudeness – it’s merely ignorance :D

As of yesterday I’ve upgraded to version 4, so maybe that will fix it…

International Addressing

by Purple Wyrm on November 19, 2014

One shouldn’t laugh at foreigners for getting things that are obvious to oneself completely wrong, but sometimes it’s pretty hard.

For instance, the person from the UK who wrote us an angry email today because they couldn’t use one of our websites to send their brother a gift. Apparently the website kept rejecting the postcode, which simply isn’t good enough.

The address they were trying to send to?

Street Address: West Beach Adelaide SA New South Wales 5024
Suburb: Adelaide
State: New South Wales
Postcode: 08

Which is more or less the equivalent of…

Street Address: Sopley Southampton Hants Cumbria BH23
Suburb: Southampton
County: Cumbria
Postcode: 016973

…and no more likely to result in a successful delivery.

I know that international address formats can be confusing – I’ve had to deal with lots of them while coding some of our systems – but randomly throwing chunks of them at a form in the hopes that the computer will somehow be able to sort it all out can only be described as optimism of the most wild variety.

An Observation

by Purple Wyrm on November 10, 2014

In Australia ‘route’ is pronounced ‘root’. But ‘router’ is pronounced ‘rauter’.

Now, can anyone tell me why? :)


by Purple Wyrm on November 6, 2014

Sometimes the brain experiences something so strange, so weird, so outside of normal, everyday expectation that it simply shuts down in protest. For example…

Let us not go to Japan. It is a silly place.