Exploring the Lost City

Cycling and Urbex

OK, I didn’t watc h Eurovision last night, and I’m not going to watch it tonight either – I cycled 30km today and need a good lie down as soon as possible. We all know who won anyway, those unbearable Azerbaijanis. Honestly Europe, what’s wrong with you?

As for cycling 30kms, I caught up with Ryan today and we went out to explore a site near his place that – for lack of a better name – I’m calling the Lost City. It’s pretty amazing – photos will be up as soon as I have the energy. We then moved on to an abandoned airforce base – which is nowhere near as cool as it sounds, although we did find some interesting bits and pieces.

In any case it’s the longest ride I’ve done in ages and I am now suffering for it, with various parts of my body complaining loudly. As soon as Merlin is over I’m taking some paracetemol and going to bed đŸ™‚

Old East Perth

Old photos

I’ve started work on a major cleaning project – basically going through everything I possess and deciding what I can either throw away, give away or sell. It’s long term, but so far I’ve spent some time doing it every day since Wednesday, so maybe I’ll be able to keep at it long enough to have a unit that I won’t be ashamed to show to guests.

Some good has come of the project already however, in that I’ve found a long lost set of photos (yes, actual physical photos!) recording the state of East Perth Power Station and surrounds back in the mid 90s – right at the start of the the Graham Farmer Freeway and East Perth Redevelopment schemes. I knew that I had them – it could be argued that they record my first attempt at urban exploration – but I had no idea where they were, so it was fantastic to stumble over them.

I’ve spent the afternoon scanning the most interesting 17 in and posting them to my Flickr stream, so head over and take a look.

Ow! My Brain!

Super-Pump of Doom

Woke up this morning feeling like half my brain was missing (is this how the average IQ people feel all the time!? How can they stand it!?). This may have something to so with pushing my bike for 7 km through Midland in the blazing (well, warm anyway) sun yesterday looking for a cycle shop after Ryan insisted on pumping up my tyres with his fancy super-pump of doom, causing the rear one to explode.

(To be fair it wasn’t his fault. The jokers at the bike shop put the tube in at a funny angle the last time I got it replaced, resulting in the valve pressing against the rim in such a way that when it was properly inflated, it ruptured.)

Needless to say, it being Sunday and Midland, not one of the cycle shops we walked to was open, and my plans for visiting various Midland sites for Abandoned in Perth were pretty much scuppered.

Oh well, another weekend then.

Collingwood won the Grand Final. Boo, I suppose.

I’m An Authority! – Apparently

Hounded by the press…

So, I get home from work last night and find an email waiting for me from a journalist looking for information about Urban Exploration (I could name the journalist and say what organisation they work for, but I think it’d be a bit unfair to alert all the other journalists to what one particular journalist is doing until they’ve finished doing it – if you know what I mean).

As it turned out I couldn’t help much because (as I pretty much immediately deduced given the rather unfortunate incident in Sydney the other day) they were after information on draining, which is something I’ve never done and which isn’t very big here in Perth anyway because our sandy soils mean we don’t need the big drain networks they have in Sydney and Melbourne. But it’s nice to know that when it comes to Urban Exploration I’m the go to guy for the city’s press ;D

(Yeah, I’ll just keep telling myself that…)

Oh and Perth’s own Heath Ledger is dead. I’m not really bothered one way or the other to be honest.


OK, this morning I said I wasn’t too fussed about Heath Ledger. Well that changed as soon as the over as that best ever argument for atheism, the Westboro Baptist Church, got involved.

You see, a few years back Heath starred in well known gay cowbow movie Brokeback Mountain. This – according to the Westboro pinheads – makes him some kind of “fag sympathiser”, who (because as they like to remind us all, “God hates fags”) is now burning in the flames of hell. Where he apparently belongs.

They also say they’re going to picket his funeral, which is something they really like doing. Just show them the funeral of a “fag” and they’ll turn up with a van full of hate-mongers and loudly remind everyone in the cemetery how much God hates the inhumee, and that they’re now burning in hell. Through the entire service (yes, these are nice people).

Thankfully I imagine Heath’s family will be bringing him back to Perth for burial, which means Fred Phelps and his crew of vile bigots should encounter some problems attending (“hate crimes” generally isn’t an acceptable reason for entering the country) but it still really boils my blood. I consider myself a pacifist, but I’d be extremely tempted to use some carefully calculated violence against the kind of creeps who harass mourning families at their loved ones’ funerals.

Neither am I the kind of person who takes it on themselves to judge others’ souls, but if there’s any kind of God, and any kind of afterlife, then Fred Phelps better try really hard for some remorse before he gets there.

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