Exploring the Lost City

Cycling and Urbex

OK, I didn’t watc h Eurovision last night, and I’m not going to watch it tonight either – I cycled 30km today and need a good lie down as soon as possible. We all know who won anyway, those unbearable Azerbaijanis. Honestly Europe, what’s wrong with you?

As for cycling 30kms, I caught up with Ryan today and we went out to explore a site near his place that – for lack of a better name – I’m calling the Lost City. It’s pretty amazing – photos will be up as soon as I have the energy. We then moved on to an abandoned airforce base – which is nowhere near as cool as it sounds, although we did find some interesting bits and pieces.

In any case it’s the longest ride I’ve done in ages and I am now suffering for it, with various parts of my body complaining loudly. As soon as Merlin is over I’m taking some paracetemol and going to bed 🙂

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