Drives Spinning Up

Recovery is a slow process…

I have recovered enough from my devil-cold (which was almost certainly a case of the flu) to return to work, although I’m still not at 100%. My ears are still blocked and my sinuses are making an entertaining array of whistling, knocking and ticking sounds every time I blow my nose.

As well as going through six boxes of tissues in as many days my enforced break allowed me to devote some time to the FreakWiki. I’m slowly getting all the missing pages up and expanding the biography pages, which are the hardest of all to do (Miki has now been detailed). I also now have in my possession hard copies of all the published material, which helps.

I also finally braced myself to create the much needed page for Internet Jesus/Space Daddy himself. You can see how I chickened out here.

That is all.

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