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TV networks never learn…

Well, despite the abject failure of Channel 9’s iCaught a while back (you know, that “let’s save money by ripping free content off YouTube” show?) Channel 10 is having another go at the genre, with Friday Night Download premiering (funnily enough) this Friday night.

It’s basically the same thing, except it’s hosted by the three nobodies who hosted Friday Night Games (that show where they herded the Big Brother housemates into an arena and made them fight each other for food). Of course Friday Night Games was fairly successful, so maybe this will be too. We can only hope it goes the way of Viva Laughlin – which was so bad that Channel 9 axed it after only one episode the other night, something that hasn’t happened since Australia’s Naughtiest Home Video Show.

(You think I’m making up Australia’s Naughtiest Home Video Show don’t you? Well you’re wrong.)

On another subject entirely the reason I’ve been feeling so wretched for the last week is I have a massive ear infection. I didn’t really notice because I get ear infections all the time, and they’re usually no big deal. This one has started hurting the entire left side of my head though, making it hard to chew, so I went to the Doc and got some antibiotics today. That’ll teach those bacteria!

Finally (I’m a bit incoherant tonight, put it down to the infection) yesterday was apparently the cute Emo chick down at the fish and chip shop’s birthday. So happy birthday cute Emo chick down at the fish and chip shop! 🙂

Bah. I’m going to bed.

PS: Good Lord! Catalyst is using the “the Cyclons were created by man” music from Battlestar Galactica for a segment on the eating habits of locusts! What?!

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