Don’t Panic!

The punchline.

It’s OK! No need to panic! Wyrmworld is fine!

For those of you (the majority I suspect) who didn’t visit the site between midnight and midday today (Perth time), I decided to engage in a bit of juvenile April 1st trickery, and redirected the site to an extremely pink chihuahua accessory dog page (don’t you just love the sound effect?). I actually got all my domain problems sorted out a week ago, but decided to maintain the suspense as a lead up to my amazing joke. Not bad eh? 🙂

The reason I switched things back at midday is that I was brought up according to a quaint and esoteric tradition brought over from the old country (ie: the UK) by my mother, which says that anyone who plays an April Fool joke after midday is in fact the Fool. According to what Wikipedia has to say on the subject this is accepted fact both in the UK and Australia, but I am yet to find anyone else who has even heard of it, let alone follows it. Well I follow it, I was brought up right dagnabit! And as for anyone out there hoaxing after midday – you’re a fool! 😀

Speaking of the old country, my mother’s heading back there on Tuesday for a few months, which will be nice for her. I’m taking her and Dad out to dinner tonight, since I won’t have a chance to see her before she goes otherwise. Then tomorrow I’m meant to be catching up with Ryan, Fabes and Matt, which should be good. Then it’s back to work for three days before the Easter long weekend – which would be good except for two factors. Firstly it’s going to be ridiculously hot (it’s meant to be Autumn for crying out loud!) and secondly I’ve agreed to go in and do some work at the office to make up for not going in tomorrow (since it’s not my scheduled Monday off). But I suppose the two will kind of cancel out because the office has air-con. Hmmm I’m tempted to spend the entire weekend there.

At least I might get some sleep that way I suppose. I didn’t get much last night because for the second Saturday running my new downstairs neighbours sat up all night, loudly talking in their yard – ie: directly below my bedroom. And when I say all night, I mean all night – they start up around 6:00pm and keep going through to 6:00am without any kind of break. So yes, it seems that the bogans who’ve tormented me for the last two years have been replaced with vampires. I may have to stock up on garlic and holy water, and plan a bombing campaign from my bedroom window.

Anyway, better go and try to get some cleaning done.

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