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OK, too tired to make any kind of decent entry, or do anything else (Ali, I owe you an email badly I know). I’m putting some extra hours in at work this week to get ahead of things so I can spend more time on other things next week, if that makes sense. So I figured I’d post some more YouTube vidiocy…

First of all Spongebob. I’m no great fun of Spongebob, but he’s much more entertaining when singing German heavy metal. Reitermania for instance by those wacky funsters Die Apokalyptischen Reiter… Spongebob vs Reiter

Continuing with the Reiter theme, how about a comparison between their cover of Dschingis Khan’s Dschingis Khan and the original? Complete with happy images and scary images as appropriate… Reiter vs. Dschingis Khan

And finally just to be stupid, Demyx (whoever that might be) from the Disney computer game Kingdom Hearts singing Liam Lynch’s Happy SongDemyx isn’t Happy

OK, that’s it, I’m outa here.

PS: Ever notice how the credits on Medium use the same font as Serenity? (Ahh! Plyin’ the Black is destroying my mind! 🙂

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