Intermittant signals from just above the event horizon

Man, buying a house/moving is so exhausting. I’m so stressed out that I barely have energy to crawl home at night and fall into bed. And then I’m not sleeping well either, which only makes matters worse. I find myself being short tempered and snappish at work too, which isn’t good for my co-workers or clients alike. I’ll be so damn glad when it’s all over.

I have managed to grab a few minutes for myself here and there though. I made a stir fry for dinner on Saturday night – first time I’ve cooked (as opposed to thrown stuff from the freezer into the oven/microwave) in months. It was pretty good too, even if I did risk salmonella poisoning or something by defrosting the beef in the microwave for too long (strips of meat that are cooked at one end and raw at the other are probably bacteria themeparks). I’ve been constructing some scenery for my Lord of the Rings miniatures as well – having secured a supply of foamboard in the form of supermarket meat trays (you can’t get the stuff elsewhere for love nor money – not that I’ve tried love mind you). I started small with some stone fences, then decided I might as well go for broke and build a ruined N

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