Davey Jones’s Pantaloons

A conversation Ryan and I had on MSN the other day…

Ryan: Yar me hearties. That reminds me of a tale on the high seas. A tale of adventure and daring-do and the time ah didn’t wash for 40 days and 40 nights, and that’s just a conservative estimate!

Me: Arrrr, do tell matey!

Ryan: Well it was a dark and stormy night. A windy, blowy night. Then ah realized it was me that was windy and all about the sea was calm like glass. But the goings-on in me trousers was a different tale all together. I decided then and thar that ah would not wash meself for a very long time. And a very long time indeed, as it turned out…

Me: Arrr! And did that fix tha problem in ye panatloons?

Ryan: Fixed ’em? NO! It was then that ah founds that me pantaloons was filled with a contentious and foul odour the likes of which ye ‘ave never smelled. Not even old Davey Jones in his slimy, watery sewerage plant ever had to deal with such vapours! So ye be a wondering then… why ah chose that throat chokin’, eye waterin’ moment not to wash fer such a time?

Me: Aye matey! Why’d ye choose such an inopportune moment to cast off the shackles of an adequate personal hygiene regimen?

Ryan: Well that there’s a secret ah’ll be taking to me watery grave… and sharing only with old Davey Jones, if he turn out to be a nice enough chap!

Me: Arrr!!!

We are such DORKS!! ;-D

For the sake of completeness I watched the World Idol results show last night. Remarkably not only did the guy from Norway (Kurt Nilson was it? Something like that) win, he was voted number one by every country except for the pan-Arabs – which is pretty good going for a Hobbit 🙂

Actually it was interesting because the pan-Arab voting was radically different to the rest of the world’s – they voted Alexander from Germany in at number one when everyone else put him last or second last (where he deserved to be frankly). You’ve got to wonder if this is because of a different musical heritage – ie: Alexander somehow managed to mangle Maniac into a great sounding Arab pop-song – or if it was politically motivated. Remember Germany and France were the two countries most vocally opposed to the war in Iraq, and there was no French contestant to vote for. Hmmmm, interesting…

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