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Useful Unicode Hieroglyphics

by Purple Wyrm on April 23, 2018

With a revised draft for extended Unicode hieroglyphs doing the rounds, let’s take the time to examine some of the more interesting and useful symbols currently available when writing in ancient Egyptian… 13198 – Cobra Defending a Lemon 13179 – (…)

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He Returns!

by Purple Wyrm on July 5, 2017

I was recently reminded of Alsace’s greatest contribution to black metal music, the amazing Fadades. He inhabits a castle! He builds lasers! He wears knives! No one can figure out whether he’s parodying the genre or is terrifyingly serious! In (…)

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The Ice of FADADES

by Purple Wyrm on February 9, 2012

Here we see another performance from the incomparable, castle-dwelling, laser-building, French master of metal, FADADES!! Unlike some of his other more ‘abstract’ videos, this one has an easily comprehensible plot. The alien FADADES comes to Earth and lands his spaceship (…)

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