Death of Journalism, 2012 Edition

Attention journalists of the world (those from Fairfax and Channel 10 in particular).

Nostradamus did not say anything about calm mornings, dancing horses and “the number of circles” being nine. The quote that’s doing the rounds was made up on 9gag a few weeks ago, as a mere two minutes research online would show.

You know, research? Investigating things? The stuff that journalists are paid for?

Seriously – you people disgust me.

(To clarify – I have no problem with reports including the supposed quote, they should just also include the fact that it’s a fake)

Good for What Ails Ya

There’s comes a time when, when you’ve had the same song stuck in your head for days on end, any solution becomes viable (this is what is known as The Godzilla Threshold).

My solution is as follows. Turn up the headphones as loud as you safely can and…

Listen to this, twice.

Then listen to this.

Listen to this again, once.

Listen to this two times.

Listen to this.

Finally, listen to this.

It’ll work, but I refuse to be held responsible for any side effects…

(“For the Emperium”. Heh :D)

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