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Leia now a Disney Princess

by Purple Wyrm on October 31, 2012

The news broke today the George Lucas has handed over Lucasfilms – and the Star Wars frachise – to Disney, and that Disney intends to start pumping out new Star Wars films, the first to hit the screen in 2015. (…)

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Laughing My Modal Nodes Off

by Purple Wyrm on August 16, 2012

I’m happy to say I have never heard a song by LMFAO in my life (one of the advantages of avoiding commercial radio). This however is fantastic.

The finest wines available to humanity!

by Purple Wyrm on June 8, 2011

We went to Tattooine by mistake!

Babylon 5

by Purple Wyrm on May 20, 2011

I can’t take credit for this, sadly