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Vague Alternative History Ideas

by Purple Wyrm on February 18, 2019

Some vague ideas towards an alternate universe history (and map) of Australia… 1788: The First Fleet arrives at Botany Bay, establishing the the settlement of Port Botany and the Colony of New South Wales. 1825: The Colony of Van Diemen’s (…)

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No More

by Purple Wyrm on October 18, 2015

Apparently someone with an axe to grind has been distributing poorly photocopied duplicates of Pauline Hanson’s “No More” Facebook image to mailboxes in the northern suburbs (I won’t link to it, I’m not giving her the page views). While at (…)

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And Here’s Another Thing

by Purple Wyrm on February 12, 2015

In a follow up to yesterday’s surprising Eurovision news, there’s a petition begging TISM to reform and represent Australia in Vienna. Naturally I have signed it. Can you watch this performance, and dare to claim that TISM would not fit (…)

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Well, Here’s a Thing

by Purple Wyrm on February 11, 2015

Apparently, in recognition of the 60th anniversary of the Eurovision Song Contest and the fact that a lot of Aussies (including myself) watch it, Australia is going to compete in this year’s contest! We get automatic entry into the final (…)

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An Observation

by Purple Wyrm on November 10, 2014

In Australia ‘route’ is pronounced ‘root’. But ‘router’ is pronounced ‘rauter’. Now, can anyone tell me why? 🙂

Regarding the Budget…

by Purple Wyrm on May 14, 2014

(I don’t know who created this work of genius, but kudos to them! Kudos!)

A Televisual Feast

by Purple Wyrm on May 4, 2014

As inspired by Reddit, some TV shows from my childhood… The Goodies: Kitten Kong, Frankenfido, Apartheight, Clown Gas, Black Beauty, Timita, The Funky Gibbon, Rolf Harris – back in the 80s every Australian kid watched these guys religiously. Monkey: If (…)

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Don’t be an Idiot

by Purple Wyrm on September 4, 2013

A thorough – although extremely sweary and not for the delicate – comparison between Labor and Liberal policies. Somehow I think we’re all screwed come Saturday 🙁

Vital Information

by Purple Wyrm on August 19, 2013

If you don’t understand this, then you SHOULDN’T BE ALLOWED TO VOTE!Source:

Common Decency

by Purple Wyrm on June 26, 2013

Proof – if any were needed – that acting legally and acting decently are not necessarily the same thing. When Clyde and Lesley Bevan were told the $6500 gold and diamond bracelet they had lost months ago had been found, (…)

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